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How to fix a sprinkler zone that's not working?


Sprinkler systems are amazing tools. But they can often have issues. If you're struggling with a sprinkler zone that's not working, it can seem impossible to find the fix to your problem. But you've come to the right place! Sprinkler Master in Logan UT has years of experience, and we want to help you!

Here are some potential fixes to getting a sprinkler zone working!

Sprinkler Zone Not Turning On

When a sprinkler zone isn't turning on, it's almost always because of an issue with the wiring. Wiring issues can be complicated to fix, but not impossible. To learn more about wiring, you can read this article from our main Sprinkler Master site.

In short, there are 3 things you should troubleshoot with the wiring. Start with the solenoid, test it to make sure it is working, then test the wiring by running the proper amount of voltage (usually 24v but it depends on your valves). If those are both fine you can go ahead and test that the timer is pushing the right voltage for the sprinkler valves.

If you've looked at the 3 problems with wiring, and found out that the electrical part of your problematic zone is working as intended, then you can move on to the valve itself. The easiest test method is gently tapping it while the solenoid is activated. This can help shake any debris inside loose, allowing the diaphragm to open and allow water through.

If that's done, you can try adjusting the flow control, bleeder valve, and checking to see if the solenoid is in the right spot. Sometimes the solenoid can be screwed into the valve too tightly and prevent the valve from opening. The same applies to flow control and bleeder valves.

That pretty much covers the entire valve's system, so after that you're down to water pressure. Make sure that another zone works, and then try going through the steps and parts to troubleshoot above. If you have any questions on the specifics of how to do what's listed, leave a comment below. We are always wanting to help out and we'd be happy to respond to you!


Sprinkler Zone Won't Turn Off

When a sprinkler zone isn't turning off, it can often be an issue with the mechanical part of the valve. See the video above for more help. In essense you need to check the bleeder valves, diaphragm, flow control, and solenoid and make sure they're all on and adjusted correctly. If that doesn't work, try disassembling the valve, cleaning the diaphragm and the housing and reassembling. Testing after that should result in a properly functioning zone. If it's not working correctly, usually a valve replacement will do the trick


In Conclusion

The steps are largely the same, regardless of if your zone isn't turning on, or isn't turning off. If you've tried these steps on your own and havne't fixed the problem, don't hesitate to give Sprinkler Master in Logan, UT a call!