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Sprinkler Repairs and Upgrades

Sprinkler systems are amazing tools. They save money and time, and can help make your lawn stand out in your neighborhood. Regardless of what sprinkler system you have, or how old it is, or even if you have an automatic sprinkler system in the first place, Sprinkler Master can upgrade your system to make it even more efficient.

We can repair broken pipes, preventing water seeping out of your system unused. Sprinkler heads that aren't rotating oversaturate parts of your lawn, wasting water and still leaving a lot of dry spots. A clogged nozzle can ruin the spray pattern of a sprinkler head, reducing efficiency while still leaving dry grass. A new smart sprinkler timer will even connect to the internet and read the weather, automatically turning on a rain delay if rain is in the forecast. A moisture sensor installed to your system ensures that your sprinkler system only waters as much as it's needed.


(435) 760-0827