08 Mar 2023

Where and What to Plant

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As the leading sprinkler repair company in Cache County UT, Sprinkler Master knows a thing or two about keeping your yard looking healthy and vibrant. One of the most important ways in achieving a beautiful yard is choosing the right plants for your landscape as well as having a proper watering system. Here are some tips on where to place different types of plants and what plants to use in your yard.

Where to Place Plants:

  1. Sun-loving plants: Place sun-loving plants, such as roses and daisies, in areas that receive at least six hours of direct sunlight each day.
  2. Shade-loving plants: Place shade-loving plants, such as ferns and hostas, in areas that receive little to no direct sunlight each day.
  3. Wet areas: Choose plants that thrive in wet areas, such as cattails and irises, for areas that tend to collect water.
  4. Dry areas: Choose drought-resistant plants, such as succulents and lavender, for areas that receive little to no water.

What Plants to Use:

  1. Trees: Trees not only provide shade but also add visual interest to your yard. Some great tree options include maple, oak, and birch.
  2. Shrubs: Shrubs can provide privacy and add texture to your yard. Some great shrub options include boxwood, holly, and hydrangea.
  3. Perennials: Perennials come back year after year and add color and texture to your landscape. Some great perennial options include coneflowers, daylilies, and peonies.
  4. Annuals: Annuals are a great way to add color to your yard and can be changed out each year. Some great annual options include marigolds, petunias, and zinnias.
  5. Vegetables and herbs: Planting a vegetable or herb garden not only provides fresh produce but also adds beauty to your yard. Some great vegetable and herb options include tomatoes, peppers, basil, and rosemary.

In conclusion, choosing the right plants for your yard is essential to achieving a beautiful and healthy landscape.. By considering the amount of sunlight and water your yard receives and choosing the right trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, and vegetables and herbs, you can create a yard that is not only beautiful but also functional. For more tips on how to keep your yard looking its best, contact Sprinkler Master in Cache County UT today.

03 Jan 2023

How to Adjust Rainbird 5000 Rotors

Sprinkler Master sprinkler repair technician adjusting a Rainbird 5000 sprinkler.

Maintaining a healthy, beautiful lawn starts with keeping your sprinkler system in top condition. Rainbird 5000 rotors are reliable and popular choices, and adjusting Rain Bird 5000 rotors is easy once you know how. 

Here’s a quick guide to get you started:

Tools You’ll Need:

Adjusting the Arc

The arc is the range of rotation from side to side. Rainbird 5000 rotors can be adjusted between 40 degrees and 360 degrees.

  • Turn on your system and stand behind the water spray. Gently grab the head of the rotor below the spray and turn it from side to side to determine the current arc.
  • To adjust the starting point of the arc, turn the rotor head to the desired starting point and gently force it to turn.
  • The arc adjustment screw is located on the top of the rotor head. To narrow the arc, turn the screw counterclockwise. To widen the arc, turn the screw clockwise. Test the arc by turning the head again and adjusting as needed.

Adjusting the Distance of the Spray

The distance of the spray (or radius) is how far the rotor can throw the water from itself. Rainbird 5000 rotors have an adjustable radius between 25 and 50 feet or 7.5 and 15 meters.

  • If you need to change the nozzle, choose one that is slightly larger than the desired distance. Remove the old nozzle by turning it counterclockwise. Attach the new nozzle by turning it clockwise.
  • To adjust the distance, locate the distance adjustment screw. It’s usually located on the side of the rotor head. Turn the screw clockwise to increase the distance or counterclockwise to decrease it. Test the distance and adjust as needed.

Other Adjustments for Rain Bird 5000s

  • If your rotor is spraying too high or too low, you can adjust the height of the head by turning the height adjustment screw. It’s usually located on the top of the head. Turn the screw clockwise to raise the head or counterclockwise to lower it.
  • If your rotor is tilted at an incorrect angle, you can use a shovel to gently lift it up and reset it.

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That’s it! With these simple steps, you’ll be able to easily adjust your Rainbird 5000 rotor and keep your sprinkler system running smoothly. 

If you have any further questions or need help with your Rainbird system, don’t hesitate to contact us at (435) 760-0827 or check out what repair service we offer. We’re here to help!

This is a condensed version of an article on our company’s main website. For the full article visit: How to Adjust the Rainbird 5000 (EASY) – Sprinkler Master Repair

20 Apr 2020

3 Reasons Why You Need Sprinkler Master Repair (Cache Valley, UT)

It’s common to not trust a company when you think you can do the work on your own. When it comes to working on sprinklers, or sprinkler repair, a simple YouTube search will pull up hundreds of videos of how to do it yourself and avoid the hassle of making an outside hire to do work for you. Granted, you have to make some hard decisions. What is most cost effective? What will provide the least amount of headache? Who can I trust for expertise?

Those questions and more can be answered with Sprinkler Master Repair (Cache Valley, UT). Not only are we cost effective when it comes to money, we are also cost effective with your time. We recognize that it is a precious commodity, and by choosing us, you get your free time back. Choosing us also eliminates all headaches. We offer quality service with quality parts at an affordable price, so your heart and your wallet can rest easy with paying for parts you don’t know how to use. Trusting us is also the smarter choice, because we return positive reviews after virtually every job. We are upfront and honest in all our dealings with our most valuable client; you. Call us today to see for yourself, at (435) 760-0827.

Still don’t believe us though? Here are three more reasons why you should choose Sprinkler Master Repair (Cache Valley, UT) to service your lawn and your sprinklers:

1. Sprinkler Master Repair (Cache Valley, UT) Services Many Locations

Even if you’re not in Logan, Utah specifically, with Sprinkler Master Repair (Cache Valley, UT) we cover much of the surrounding areas, including:

  • Logan, UTSprinkler Master Repair Cache Valley UT
  • Smithfield, UT
  • North Logan, UT
  • Hyrum, UT
  • Providence, UT
  • Nibley, UT
  • Hyde Park, UT
  • Wellsville, UT
  • Richmond, UT
  • Millville, UT
  • River Heights, UT
  • Lewiston, UT
  • Mendon, UT

2. We Offer First-rate Service

At Sprinkler Master Repair (Cache Valley, UT) we have the slogan or motto of “We install the best, and repair the rest.” However, we do so much more than install or repair sprinklers. Scheduling an appointment with us will also provide you with our other service options. We specialize in sprinkler head repair, sprinkler installation, sprinkler winterizing, sprinkler system repair, fixing damaged sprinkler heads, moving sprinkler heads, fixing faulty timers, and everything in between. On top of those services, you can also rest easy knowing that we only use the best quality parts with installs or repairs, such as Rainbird, Toro, and Orbit sprinklers, sprinkler heads, and timers. One call is all you need to experience better service and value, at (435) 760-0827

3. At Sprinkler Master Repair (Cache Valley, UT), We Do Things Right The First Time

We don’t believe in sub-par work, and we know that you don’t either. That is why with any job, during any time of year, we only offer our best work for you. We care about positive customer service and experience, so we can help you not only once, but for years to come. Our reviews also speak for themselves:

Utah County Sprinkler Master Repair Positive Review


So what do you have to lose? Ask yourself a better question: what do you have to gain? By choosing Sprinkler Master Repair (Cache Valley, UT) the answer is everything. Call us today at (435) 760-0827, to save money, headaches, and most importantly time. We work hard so you don’t have to.


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